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Thawing by Asvoria1 Thawing :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 6 2
Seeing Reason
"So, Soundwave. I think you know why you're here."
"Decepticons. Lost war. Reason for being here. Blatant."
: You show those glitches Boss-Mech!:
: Mute it frag-head. He need to concentrate.:
: You saying my positive comments, which he's had to listen to for millions of vorns, mind you, still distract him?:
: Frenzy. Quiet.:
: I'll take that as a yes then...:
"Blatant eh? Then why don't you just cooperate so we can finish this quickly and you can see your mini-mechs sooner?"
: Pshaw. I don't need to actually be there for you to feel my magnificent presence.:
: Do you ever shut up?:
: Remember that one time?:
: You mean when Soundwave deactivated your vocalizer?:
: ...yeah.:
: Doesn't count.:
: But-:
: ...:
: How do you even shout over a bond?:
: Really?:
: Frenzy. Rumble. DESIST.:
: Fine:
"Soundwave. Was unaware of the fact questions had been already asked."
"They haven't yet, I just wanted to make things clear to you."
"Situation. Clear."
"Good. Now, why did you stay with t
:iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 3 2
The Valley by Asvoria1 The Valley :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 4 2 Big Hunk of Rock by Asvoria1 Big Hunk of Rock :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 2 2 Ice by Asvoria1 Ice :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 3 0 A Natural Contrast by Asvoria1 A Natural Contrast :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 4 0
Behind the Scenes
*Random: What a strange mech. I wonder why is one of Ratbat's mechs working with Megatron?*
*Random: What kind of idiot wears a visor and a battlemask? Oh, right. This is the fellow with those cassettes... Inferior being must be ashamed to show his faceplates in the presence of such superior mechs.*
*Random: What's one of the Senator's mechs doing here? And why does he have a bodyguard? I better go hide my highgrade...
*Megatron: Why the frag does everyone always stare at Soundwave?*
Upon hearing Megatron's thoughts Soundwave couldn't help but smile. His leader's thoughts were nothing if not entertaining. The passing mech's thoughts filtered through Soundwave's practiced processor without consequence. Niether of them were thinking anything worth his attention. As long as everyone stayed focused on his appearance and not his purpose he couldn't care less.
: Primus, Boss-Mech, you'd think you were some kind of freak. Why does everyone think it's so werid you wear a visor and a battle mas
:iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 2 0
Snowy by Asvoria1 Snowy :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 2 0 Sunrise Droplets by Asvoria1 Sunrise Droplets :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 3 4 Smile by Asvoria1 Smile :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 5 0
Meetings are Boring
        Soundwave dredged up every last molecule of willpower he could and managed to refrain from sighing in exasperation at Megatron’s antics. Three hours into the latest officer meeting and his ever glorious leader had yet to stray from the current topic: his new-and-supposedly-improved glorious Autobot Destroying Battle Plan™ that involved a brand new Weapon of Mass Destruction™ and apparently also involved lots of ill-planned steps, mainly consisting of various raids to gather the materials necessary to carry out such a plan. These raids would, more often than not, end with a quick skirmish involving the ever courageous Autobots defending the ever pathetic humans, the miraculous failure to get half of what was required despite having a few hours head start, and a humiliating retreat-that-is-actually-a-strategical-and-temporary-withdrawl/break.
        Even Starscream is too bored to r
:iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 3 0
Square Peg Round Hole
        From the moment S1-0N was sparked it was clear he was different. He never rushed things, or needlessly endangered himself like the other sparklings. Where other sparkling would briefly glance at a problem and chose the quickest, but often least plausible solution, S1-0N would ponder, and consider every potential course of action he could within the time limit before deciding on what he thought to be the best one. He considered not only his abilities, but those of everyone involved in the problem as well, be it other sparklings, caretakers, or simulated bots. Due to his quiet, observant nature he was seen as an outcast. The other sparklings made up rumours, and came up with ludicrous reasons as to why S1-0N was so strange. They tried everything they could think of to get him to react, but nothing ever worked. No one had ever heard him say a harsh word against anyone, regardless of what they did. S1-0N was patient, thoughtful, and compassio
:iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 1 0
Post-Storm by Asvoria1 Post-Storm :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 5 0 Violet Sapphire by Asvoria1 Violet Sapphire :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 4 0 Blood Sky by Asvoria1 Blood Sky :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 35 2 Misty Forest by Asvoria1 Misty Forest :iconasvoria1:Asvoria1 4 5
Most of my stuff consists of photographs. There are a few drawings, paintings, sculptures, ficlettes, and poems as well though.

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G1 OP color by MamonnA G1 OP color :iconmamonna:MamonnA 493 77 Land of Giants by desmondWOOT Land of Giants :icondesmondwoot:desmondWOOT 4,546 507 Secret Heart by pixolith Secret Heart :iconpixolith:pixolith 2,132 187 Whispers in the Clouds. by NatashaShaty Whispers in the Clouds. :iconnatashashaty:NatashaShaty 23 0 TF - Countdown to TFP season 2 crossovers 7-12 by Rosey-Raven TF - Countdown to TFP season 2 crossovers 7-12 :iconrosey-raven:Rosey-Raven 1,376 114 TF - Countdown to TFP season 2 crossovers 1-6 by Rosey-Raven TF - Countdown to TFP season 2 crossovers 1-6 :iconrosey-raven:Rosey-Raven 2,094 296 TFP by shikutoo TFP :iconshikutoo:shikutoo 1,277 84 Soundwave TFP by winddragon24 Soundwave TFP :iconwinddragon24:winddragon24 196 11 Soundwave in the blue by winddragon24 Soundwave in the blue :iconwinddragon24:winddragon24 233 7 Blue Soundwave TFP by winddragon24 Blue Soundwave TFP :iconwinddragon24:winddragon24 273 12 TFP Soundwave by LivingShadow95 TFP Soundwave :iconlivingshadow95:LivingShadow95 236 22 TFP Soundwave by Aiuke TFP Soundwave :iconaiuke:Aiuke 509 40 TFP Soundwave by Xainra TFP Soundwave :iconxainra:Xainra 840 75 Soundwave by Lintufriikki Soundwave :iconlintufriikki:Lintufriikki 1,454 100 TFP Soundwave by PDJ004 TFP Soundwave :iconpdj004:PDJ004 192 53
I favourite things because I like them, if I don't leave a comment it's cause I can't think of anything adequate to say.
If I remove something from my favourites it's because my mouse has issues and said artwork was accidentally added, or it double clicked and added something and then removed it... Apologies.


:iconsoundwaverocks: :iconfemale-photographers: :iconall-world-works: :iconwriting-4-life:


Hello everyone,

To those of you that have seen my page within the last few weeks you may have seen my journal entry saying that I'd be away for a few weeks. I have returned, and during my trip my view on the world were changed.

I went to Antarctica with a group called Students on Ice. They have a wonderful website that I advise you go look at. The things I learned, and experienced have changed me, and I've set up a new account that will hopefully reflect that.

My new username is Spectral-Aspen, and I've slowly begun uploading some of the thousands of photos I took during my journey.

Sorry if this is a shock to anyone, or if it inconveniences you, but I believe I need to do this.



Asvoria1's Profile Picture
Sammy J. B.
Artist | Student | Varied
:bulletblue:I love taking pictures, I love drawing pictures, and I love writing so, naturally, I already love this site. I take alright pictures (I think, my friends love them) and unless they are in the folder "Cell Phone" I can guarantee that they have not been edited:nod: I draw/doodle/sketch and I can usually tell what my doodles are:w00t: so I consider them pretty fine.

:bulletgreen:I am still in school. I do have a life. I have friends:boogie: I have a job. I have posted some deviations, mostly photos, some poems, other written things, and a few drawings. Please comment! I'd love to get some feedback and I'll always reply(eventually)!:happybounce:

:bulletpink:If I favourite lots of your work feel free to remind me to give a llama badge... I often forget about their exsistence^^;

:bulletorange: I have one song/poem thing that is also here on DA (A Seeker's Song).

:bulletpurple:I am something of a Transfan. I would like to apoligise in advance if this causes any issues, though at the moment I can't imagine why it would.

:bulletwhite:I play Ice Hockey in a guy's league. Fun stuff. Makes me feel small:hmm: thank [a] God there's no body contact allowed!:phew: Though even if there was the guys on my team would kill anyone that hit me:) they're aweome that way:heart:

:bulletblack:I am prone to typing quickly :typerhappy:and making spelling mistakes, please ignore them.:shh:

So...:shrug: yeah.:bye:

In Progress ^^;
TF Stamp by Moesakaru TF Alternative Universes Stamp by RoboMommy Oh shi by GeminiGirl83 Mad Scientist Ratchet by GeminiGirl83 Blades and Aliens by GeminiGirl83 Screw Drugs Stamp by Vampiric-Conure We Tell No One Stamp by GeminiGirl83 stamp 1 by Jeysie OPERATION: BADASS by Metallikato TRANSFORMERS - I need a... 1 by ForeverSonu feme and loving it 2 by elfy016 Feme and lovin it 1 by elfy016 Autobots Stamp by SweetyTeety:thumb169904293: Faction logo-checker stamp by daughterofMyou TF Girls stamp by Metallikato TFP Soundwave stamp by Imber-Noctis TFP Shockwave stamp by Imber-Noctis I love Giant robots by SonicAmygirl Transformers Stamp by Slovman Drive After Drinking Stamp by miraibaby Soundwave Stamp by miraibaby Decepticons by Raverick D-con Spark Beat by BloodyChaser Wheeljack by iluvbee1990 i wish my car transformed by meimei-stamps
Other Shows
Pepe Le Pew X Penelope by GeminiGirl83 Denied by GeminiGirl83 Lola the Creeper by GeminiGirl83
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